Solved: Add To Cart Missing for Variable Products in WooCommerce

After updating a theme (I was using The Retailer) and WordPress (to 4.1) I was missing the add-to-cart button in WordPress / WooCommerce webstore for variable products (products with variations). 


First, what I tried to get the add-to-cart button back to working:

- change the template (to see if it's the template's fault)

- turn all plugins off and on again to see if any plugins are conflicting

- see in the CSS - the button area has a display: none set to it, when changing CSS to visible, add to cart button appears but after adding to cart got a "Please choose product options"

- create a new simple product - the add to cart button was present!

- see the debugger in Firefox returning a error 404 to jquery.cookie.min.js 

error 404 cookie



Here is how I solved the missing add-to-cart button problem

1. Download and install a plugin called WooCommerce jQuery Cookie Fix from WooThemes.

It seems that you are a good person and updated all your software, but the server-side configuration that you probably cannot touch needs to be updated too. But this plugin will solve your add-to-cart button easily. 


Spent 2 hours figuring this out. Hope this helps!


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