Like button count doesn't count only *likes*

Whenever you see a like button on a website having a number of likes displayed you instantly think that it has been shared that number of times. That is at least partly untrue. 

The likes count on a like button consists of:

  • The number of likes of this URL
  • The number of shares of this URL 
  • The number of likes and comments on stories on Facebook about this UR

So you actually don't know what the likes count is showing and it is easily inflatable by creating comments on the sharing of those links on facebook. 

I have added this article on Joomlaboy's facebook wall and liked and commented it just for testing purposes. And if you are quick to see, you will see the number of likes is not 0 as it should be in case of a new article. 

 Likes count after posting to facebook wall:



Then I did this:



And the result:



So "likes" are not only likes, but more a count of activities on Facebook related to page URL. And did you know, Facebook even counts mentions of a page URL in private messages as likes to your like button, what about that :)

There is cool tool available to show you what is the Like count made of. You can find it here.

The result for this article:



Finally some clarity on the matter!

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